About Us

The 21 or Bust story

Our family has loved games of skill for our entire lives. Our father worked his waythrough school as a lifeguard and he made extra money by working at the locals fairs, “barking”
at the Dime & Ring Toss games. When we were kids he taught us how to throw a dime and get it
to land on a plate and we later advanced to quarters and to tossing the balls into the milk jugs.
Long be for the days of Cornhole and Wash Shoes, we entertained ourselves by tossing quarters
to see who could get closest to the wall and seeing who could toss a plastic bottle and get it to
land standing up, which later became a thing. As you can see, coming up with games of our own
was nothing new to our family so I was not surprised when my Brother called and said that he
and his son had an idea for a new game. I told my brother to come over and he brought with him
a board that he had put together in the garage; with this 21 or Bust was born. There were a lot of
tweaks along the way, we had to come up the method of scoring and a name, but that was the
easy part, the tough part was coming up with a fun game that required skill but that almost
anyone could play and which could be played in areas with limited space.
Along with being game lovers we are also a very close family and my sister has been
through a great deal in her life. At age11, she was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes, and over time
she became a brittle diabetic, meaning that her blood sugar levels would rise and fall dramatically
over a very short period of time. As time passed, this terrible disease took its toll on her body
and she eventually needed a kidney as well as a pancreas transplant. By the grace of God, and
through the incredible generosity of donors, she received both a kidney and a pancreas and to
date both transplants have been successful. In addition to the challenges she faced with her own
health, her daughter Kelly was born with Cerebral Palsy. The doctors told her that Kelly would
never walk and that she might never see or speak. With God’s guiding hand, the efforts of her
doctors and the help of the great people at United Cerebral Palsy (UPC) Kelly can see, she can
walk without assistance, and she is an amazingly gifted student.
While we all maintain our full time jobs, our dream is that our game will eventually allow
us to help our sister with the tremendous costs of anti-rejections drugs as well as allow us to give
back to the organizations which helped save her life and which have so richly blessed Kelly’s. If
we ever realize any profits from the sale of our game, we are committed to donating a portion of
every sale to United Cerebral Palsy and the American Diabetes Association.